What is & How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?


So you’ve heard how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, but how do you rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo? You may hear people claiming some quick solution on how to rank higher, but the truth is there is no magic bullet. The true key to SEO success is almost musical, one small mistake can break the whole song. What sets Bluemoon apart from our competitors? We not only understand how to make a business successful, but also have years of experience allowing us to not miss a beat with anyone of our services. You can expect the best.

(SEO) Header Tags

During the construction of your website close attention must be made in regards to keyword choice, and more importantly H1, H2, and H3 tags. A true SEO expert understands the importance of keyword research, we search the web for terms that are searched that are relevant to what the website offers. Some search terms may be densely packed, and highly competitive (difficult to rank high on) while other terms may have decent traffic, but are much less competitive (easier to rank high on). So as the web developer builds the website he will focus on ensuring that the H1 tag is the most important term he intends to target, while H2 is 2nd most important and H3 being even less important. This is where the musical nature of SEO begins. More then one H1 tag and it no longer is valuable, too many H2 tags results in diminishing returns and so forth. A search engine like Google has extremely complex algorithms that’s main job is to find the best websites for each individual term, but it must also catch people trying to abuse the system, and take ALOT of different aspects into consideration. You might as well call the algorithm a very complex secret recipe.

The main priority of an SEO expert is to be as technical, honest, and as thorough possible in order to achieve great results. The first step to success with search engine optimization is ensuring that the list of search terms you want your website to appear for are not only repeated in a natural, healthy manner across its relevant page, but also ensuring the header tags reinforce the most important keywords in the page without trying to hard. A great trick is to (ctrl + F) a page and search your targeted terms, and see how many times they appear on the page, but also make sure the structure of your page is not forced, and natural.

Search engines have computers (bots), that crawl through the web reading the code (the backend) of a website. These bots take your “music” and make sense of it. A part of our symphony is internal and external links. Internal links are link inside your website, that link to other parts of your website. The job of internal links is to SEO, and link keywords from 1 page, to the keywords of another page. This tells the bots that all your H1, H2, H3 tags and most relevant keywords on page 1 have something to do with all the same on page 2. If there is false relevancy the search engine will likely penalize your websites rankings. External links follow the same principle, but are more powerful while also providing authority. Lets say a relevant website that ranks high on search engines, links this page onto one of their pages. Google’s bots are now going to look at this page and our website as not only more popular, but also increase our positions in our rankings. The more authority (popularity) a website has, the more influential a link from them is going to be, especially if that page is popular. Web developers can also link other relevant pages from other website as an external link, this definitely can help, but wont be as drastic as them linking to you.

Importance of an XML Sitemap in SEO

What is an XML Sitemap? A web developer should create access to site mapping in order for them to submit an XML Sitemap to all search engines. An XML Sitemap is essentially a coded URL (link) to all pages and posts within your website. The crawling bots are pretty good at finding websites, but without an XML Sitemap they might not find everything they need to properly score your site. This makes Site mapping extremely important in regards to optimizing your sites searchability on the web.

A Business & Website that Simply Works

Search engines are a lot more complex then they look. Google and others for instance have analytics programs that consumers can utilize for their own businesses. However, search engines algorithms also read your business and websites analytics. Are people going to your website and leaving immediately? Are pages loading slow? Are there breaks or bugs on your website? Are leads converting? All of these aspects and more are collected into a plethora of data. Anything that is perceived as negative is going to negatively affect your rankings. So quite frankly a great web design, market research, and a well oiled business are essential to success in Search engine optimization (SEO).

The Importance of Blogs

Blog postings just like this one are critical to SEO, the reasoning is because a blog is a natural place to place all the principles of SEO into action. More importantly it is a place to teach, provide information, and connect with potential clients. If a blog can become popular due to its usefulness, so long as it was SEO flawlessly, and maybe a popular website sees value in your post and links their page to yours it can really sky rocket your rankings. So make sure you are not neglecting the importance of sharing your valuable knowledge, and experience with the world through blog posts.

SEO Has a Snowball Affect

It’s true Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for Search Engine Optimization. Its a complex process. Our team at Bluemoon Solutions is more then happy to help, we do place the foundations of SEO in place during web development. But, our SEO management service allows us the needed time to properly create a perfect mosaic of SEO principles. Once we begin consistent updates like blog posts, and website optimizations is when the snowball begins rolling. The more hooks we can place across the web in your targeted markets, and the more popularity we can harness the more impactful our SEO servicing will be. We always say “who doesn’t want 100% free profit and exposure. It’s like owning a perfectly targeted billboard on the busiest road targeted to whomever you cater to”.

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