Once in a Blue Moon Solutions

Our Philosophy

We believe in a strategically driven approach. All of our designs follow the same foundational principles.

Simplicity — Easy to read, navigate, and never overbearing

Intention — Word choices, positioning, and image must have purpose

Flow — Guiding customer’s down a purposeful path

Trust — Ensuring people feel secure in their decision process

1. Get To Know Eachother

We’ll meet first and talk about the business! This is a crucial step in getting to know eachother and having a better understanding of you & your businesses needs! 

2. Marketing Analysis

Our team of professionals will perform an in depth marketing analysis to map out the digital placement of your business and plan out the Web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Advertising plan.

3. Web Development & Ads Setup

Your website development & initial ad setup will commence. During this time, we will need your help to provide us with some information, but most of the work will be in our hands! 

4. One on One Development

We believe it is important to include you in the process of development as much as possible! This is why we include between 2 and 3 hours of on one one development time. We can adjust and make live changes on the fly to deliver your dream website.

5. SEO, Advertising & Maintenance

Your website is done! Now what? Well, that’s exactly why we created the kickstart packages. Our expert team can assist your website in ranking on google, bring traffic to the website through expertly crafted ads as well as maintain and adjusting the website as your business grows! 

Owning a website is like anything else! We must build a foundation and continue to tweak and construct in order to create a valuable and lasting “storefront” for your customers to visit! 


Upon completion! We can do a final presentation of the site. After this, we do a few revisions to ensure your happy with the final website! 

Leave your digital footprint

Specialized services: Websites, SEO & Paid Advertising

Our in-house experts will offer a marketing analysis, start to finish website design, search engine optimization and a structured paid advertisement platform that suits your exact needs. We do one on one development sessions with you over the air. That means 2 hours of building out the site together to ensure we nail it! You only get this chance once in a Blue Moon. When was the last time you seen that?

Web Development

Your website is the digital storefront of your business so why not make it the best on the block? 

Search Engine Optimize

Search engines want to find you, but they need your help. We can assist you in making it work!

Web Hosting

Our in-house experts will offer a marketing analysis and a irresistible website.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a fantastic way to complement your sales. Our experts will run a world class advertising platform. 

Don't listen to us!

What our customers have to say

Sometimes it can be difficult to believe you’ve been faced with a solution that you will get once in a blue moon. Today is that day. Listen to what they had to say! 

Nichole Strate
Nichole Strate
If you are looking to have a new web design created or even revamped I would highly recommend Bluemoon Business Solutions. They bring a vast knowledge of innovated ideas, and creative solution while never loosing site of our company (Link Scaffold Services Inc) vision. Since using Bluemoon Business Solutions we have also had a great response in our rankings in online searches witch has helped our business tremendously they constantly request feedback in order to provide better service. I would highly recommend if you are looking for this type of service!
Bluemoon was tasked with creating a deeply functional ecommerce website that sells both single products as well as subscriptions. We had contacted several other companies before moving forward and chose to go with Bluemoon mostly because of the process. We were not just offered a website, we were given a solution to operate our business and that also included a detailed marketing analysis to accurately place our business in a fairly crowded scene. We continue to use their services on a monthly basis including their professional photography and SEO package. We have been ranking highly on the first page of google now for quite some time and it's bringing our business a sustainable revenue that just cant be beat. I mean the cost to acquire a customer is basically $0!! Anything i ever need is always answered within minutes and the entire process from the first interaction up till now (3 years later) is just absolutely unbeatable. I've used several other local Edmonton as well as Ontario and Vancouver first before on other ventures and this one quite honestly blows them all out of the water. Usually, you are faced with discernable jargon, long timelines and emails/phonecalls that never get answered. Anyway, to the point. If you need a digital solution for your business (Website, SEO, Digital Advertising, Marketing Analysis) or any other array of services they offer. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them. I can personally guarantee they will take good care of you and treat business like their own.
Stephen D
Stephen D
I have a great relationship with blue moon solutions, they are continuing to help my business grow , they are very transparent with you on they’re end , helping me grow traffic to my website and generating leads. Great experience and will definitely continue to grow with them
Unicutters Lawn Care
Unicutters Lawn Care
Bluemoon Solutions designed, manages, and hosts our website & and advertising platform. Our team at Unicutters has nothing but great things to say, they created a strategy that was a home run. The day we launched the advertising platform, we were converting clients. In our 3 years of doing business with Bluemoon, they have steadily increased the leads we get year after year. Last season we began the SEO package, and again their team knows what they are doing. We have steadily began climbing to the top of lawn care services for St. Albert, and Edmonton. We have nothing but great things to say about the work they've done, and their team themselves are super positive, friendly, and know what their doing. Its a big investment, but we've never looked back, the revenue has always outweighed our investments in Bluemoon. Take the leap, these guys won't let you down.
Aaron Reitzel
Aaron Reitzel
This team was referred to us by another client. They assessed what we had currently set up then provided us with a power point proposal and 3 different service packages. Bluemoon took over our website development, SEO and advertising 5 months ago. Within 1 week our website was optimized and generating better leads. Since then they have been constantly modifying the system to hone in on the type of work we are looking for and expanding the advertising as we grow as a company. They have a wicked energy and are on call just about day and night.

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