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Professional photography & videography that can truly bring your product or brand to life

Commercial Photography & Videography

Professional photos and videos can really make that big difference. Not only do they help bring your products and brand to life, but they also help build a trustworthy connection with your clients. Quality images expose all details of your work figuratively & literally. When potential clients see the details, it helps them decide whether you are the right fit for them. Our in house photographer/videographer can really help facilitate that powerful connection. Whether your looking for commercial shots to bring your brand to life, or taking professional headshots that capture the true you. We’ve got you covered.

Noah Ference

Our in house Edmonton photographer/videographer is one of a kind. Noah not only has a gleaming passion for what he does, but also a keen eye. One thing that truly stands out about Noah is his meticulous attention to detail. He really knows how to capture ambience in his work, which reflects our main marketing objective of connecting and targeting the right market with your brand. Noah has a special appreciation for dark, candid work but it is definitely not the only trick up his sleeve. His ability to contrast his work is a gift only fitting of his personality.


Noah Ference Rednox Productions photographer and videographer
camera lens professionally stock photo

Photography & Videography

The focus. Capturing the right concept is of utmost importance and having the right person who can do this is even more important. Just like with any of our other services we determine from a thorough marketing analysis the best possible positioning for your brand to best serve the highest converting target market. This determines what the shot needs to orchestrate and feel like in order to keep the right flow. Commercial shots can really be that next step.

Edmonton Videography

You’ll find yourself captivated by Noah’s work. This is because the story is not just told to you, but also hinted to you through the lens. A shaking shot helps make you feel the confusion, relating to the main question at hand. Closing of the door on a dark damaging internal question, “maybe love isn’t for me?” opens room for the truth, the true turning point.

We can drive all the traffic we want to your business, but if we do not make meaningful connections, elicit the right emotions, or communicate just what the client wants or needs at the right moments, you lose valuable sales. The truth is people want perfect, in a world where businesses are as accessible as they’ve ever been, and consumers can pick from the highest reviewed and lowest costs within seconds. It is as competitive as its ever been.

Professional photography & videography can be a major competitive advantage when marketed correctly.

Let us take your business to the next level.
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Brand / Event Photography

Whether your trying to advertise your brands event or just capture your teams moments so they can remember that special memory.

We will capture the right feel, the right moment, and that special second.

Product Photography

Showing off professional photos of your products has never been more important. Consumers need to understand clearly what you offer them, and why your the better choice as quick as possible.

A good picture is worth 1000 words.

Edmonton, Alberta

Our photography and videography services can be purchased from everywhere situationally so please contact us with details of your request prior to purchase so we can determine if its the right fit for your business. 

If you are in the Edmonton Area, you are in luck because so is Noah. This means we can custom curate photos and videos for any application. Let us help build the business of your dreams.

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Nichole Strate
Nichole Strate
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Stephen D
Stephen D
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Unicutters Lawn Care
Unicutters Lawn Care
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Aaron Reitzel
Aaron Reitzel
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