Web Design

We have the technical skill, experience, and ability to design a website you couldn't imagine.

Digital Storefront

Your website is the digital storefront of your business so why not make it the best on the block? Don’t rest on it, it’s time to take your place on the internet. We are ready to work with you to handcraft a winning web solution. We listen to your needs and collaborate ideas in order to develop a successful web design. With our team behind your storefront, with services tailored for success, you won’t ever need to hire another company again. We’re giving you a once in a blue moon solution.

Market Segmentation

Our service includes a complete analysis of your companies market. Determining the best position to place your brand, in order to serve & target your clients effectively. By having a niche offering. 

There is nothing worse then having a solid product/service that you know should be selling, but is not.


Website Design

During development with us you are not only just getting a modern & chic website design. But, you are also receiving a complete top to bottom marketing analysis included within the service.
We believe this is essential because we don’t just want your business to LOOK the part, we want it to PERFORM as well.
So how do we accomplish this?


Sales Funnel

Once the market analysis for your business has been complete by our team. We begin development by designing the website & advertising platform with the intention of generating leads & conversions. Every piece is created in a fashion in which builds trust, and ultimately leads consumers to buy.


Online Advertsising

Optional: After careful consideration has been made into: which means of advertising best suits your business, and its newly aligned image and goals. Our team develops a complex advertising platform with in depth keyword research. What sets us apart from others, is the advertising platform is not only created in complete alignment with the website design, but also targets our most profitable market segment & its respective target audience in a manner that drives them from cold to the hottest traffic possible. A full service solution.

Website & Ad Management

Optional: Our team for a monthly fee will maintain and service the website, analytics, and the advertising platform. During the maintenance & optimization stage, we work on reducing our cost per lead by any means. This includes, but is not limited to: additional web pages, website optimizations, and ad optimizations on a daily basis. Every day provides further data to make decisions in development that lead to better profitability and ultimately the best performing website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optional: With our organic reach package for an additional monthly fee. We work on organic keyword research, meta tags, h1-h4 tags, incoming links, internal links, and more to begin bringing in free organic traffic, leading to 100% profitable sales. Our SEO service has a snowball effect, so with time it can become your main source of profit when done right. 1 – 4 leads per day in the first year is not uncommon with SEO. That’s 365 – 1460 potential free leads.

from the Founders

Our Personal Touch

Welcome to Bluemoon business Solutions. For over 5 years out team has brought a spark to brands in Edmonton. We are extremely passionate about digital marketing and the power that it brings to our clients. With a proven track record of pushing brands to new highs, you know you can count on us. Our team brings a unique personal touch and an immense attention to detail. That’s why, we have an unmatched skill of keeping our clients in the loop at all times as your creative experience unfolds before you. We’re excited for the opportunity to work with you, welcome to our corner. 

Best Regards, 

Ryan & Kyle 

Founders of Bluemoon Business Solutions

Nichole Strate
Nichole Strate
If you are looking to have a new web design created or even revamped I would highly recommend Bluemoon Business Solutions. They bring a vast knowledge of innovated ideas, and creative solution while never loosing site of our company (Link Scaffold Services Inc) vision. Since using Bluemoon Business Solutions we have also had a great response in our rankings in online searches witch has helped our business tremendously they constantly request feedback in order to provide better service. I would highly recommend if you are looking for this type of service!
Bluemoon was tasked with creating a deeply functional ecommerce website that sells both single products as well as subscriptions. We had contacted several other companies before moving forward and chose to go with Bluemoon mostly because of the process. We were not just offered a website, we were given a solution to operate our business and that also included a detailed marketing analysis to accurately place our business in a fairly crowded scene. We continue to use their services on a monthly basis including their professional photography and SEO package. We have been ranking highly on the first page of google now for quite some time and it's bringing our business a sustainable revenue that just cant be beat. I mean the cost to acquire a customer is basically $0!! Anything i ever need is always answered within minutes and the entire process from the first interaction up till now (3 years later) is just absolutely unbeatable. I've used several other local Edmonton as well as Ontario and Vancouver first before on other ventures and this one quite honestly blows them all out of the water. Usually, you are faced with discernable jargon, long timelines and emails/phonecalls that never get answered. Anyway, to the point. If you need a digital solution for your business (Website, SEO, Digital Advertising, Marketing Analysis) or any other array of services they offer. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them. I can personally guarantee they will take good care of you and treat business like their own.
Stephen D
Stephen D
I have a great relationship with blue moon solutions, they are continuing to help my business grow , they are very transparent with you on they’re end , helping me grow traffic to my website and generating leads. Great experience and will definitely continue to grow with them
Unicutters Lawn Care
Unicutters Lawn Care
Bluemoon Solutions designed, manages, and hosts our website & and advertising platform. Our team at Unicutters has nothing but great things to say, they created a strategy that was a home run. The day we launched the advertising platform, we were converting clients. In our 3 years of doing business with Bluemoon, they have steadily increased the leads we get year after year. Last season we began the SEO package, and again their team knows what they are doing. We have steadily began climbing to the top of lawn care services for St. Albert, and Edmonton. We have nothing but great things to say about the work they've done, and their team themselves are super positive, friendly, and know what their doing. Its a big investment, but we've never looked back, the revenue has always outweighed our investments in Bluemoon. Take the leap, these guys won't let you down.
Aaron Reitzel
Aaron Reitzel
This team was referred to us by another client. They assessed what we had currently set up then provided us with a power point proposal and 3 different service packages. Bluemoon took over our website development, SEO and advertising 5 months ago. Within 1 week our website was optimized and generating better leads. Since then they have been constantly modifying the system to hone in on the type of work we are looking for and expanding the advertising as we grow as a company. They have a wicked energy and are on call just about day and night.

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