Why Should You Hire a Website Design Company?

1. Performance

There are multiple ways to view performance with websites, which means there are many ways to make mistakes. Website performance can be seen as how fast a website loads pages, how well a website can obtain payed for leads, or organic leads through proper SEO. The beauty of hiring a professional is they know the ins and outs of web design from experience. They are going to ensure that each page is optimized & loading at speeds that are not detrimental to results, that SEO was at the forefront of their mind during each pages design, and that a well though out sales funnel has been implemented. So exactly how important is the overall performance of your website, well to put things simply, its becoming as important as the business itself. New research is showing that “51% of small businesses have increased their online interactions in 2020, and by 2021 there has been a major increase in the addition of websites and online presence”(, 2021). “75% of consumers are judging a businesses credibility based on the businesses web design” (, 2022). While, “93% of people will immediately leave a website if it is poorly designed” yikes! (

If you own a business those are some pretty alarming statistics. While the importance of an online presence for companies has been steadily growing year to year, COVID-19 has spiked this growth majorly as the world has had to shift to become even more technology orientated. One thing that separates our web design services is that our team has a marketing major, he ensures that all decisions are data driven and based on a thorough marketing analysis. This helps your website better connect with the correct target market, leading to more conversions, and better traffic.

2. Custom Design & Visual Properties

By hiring a professional web design agency you can be confident that your website will not only look great, but function & perform great. Using website builders or themes really create limitations to the design and function of your website. Not to mention themes and builders lead to slightly cookie cutter results, which people feel and notice as they’ve navigated through countless websites that feel the same.

For one, a great website designer knows how to custom make anything the client wants or needs, and knows how to ensure no future problems or limitations will occur due to the complexity of the web. Its quite difficult to explain or navigate, but a small example could be how a form is integrated, if a form is not integrated correctly it may not be able to be analytically tracked, nor can advertising companies algorithms properly utilize your website to drive more sales. Secondly, they will create a unique feel to the website and use color palates that not only look amazing but are also easily remembered, helping stay in the consumers top-of-mind, and solidifying a brand identity. Finally, the whole flow of the website will be designed with intention, to strategically convert by being easily navigated and user friendly.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a pretty complex animal in the online world, and rightfully so. Search engine algorithms are designed to ensure that what shows up at the top of a search is relevant, current, and popular. Great web developers understand this and ensure that they lay a solid SEO foundation amongst the entire website. However, the foundation by itself is not good enough, it is extremely important as without it you will receive no free organic traffic. This is why SEO maintenance is a service of its own, it allows the web agencies the needed time to continuously hammer away at showing search engines that you are the most relevant, current, and popular page for relevant search terms. I know this is quite complex, if your curious about more information check out our “How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?” blog.

So how does a web design company differ from a DIY website in this regard. As noted in the blog above, a web designer must understand how to almost musically create pages in order to communicate with a search engines algorithm and really show them what makes your business so awesome. The goal is really to provide a service to the world, people are searching for services and information, and if we can show the search engine that we got the best service and information for any give person, were going to show up at the top of searches that we strategically plan to occupy.

4. Website & Ad Maintenance

Just like any other form of technology websites are quickly evolving, and its a web design agencies job to ensure your website keeps up. Right now more then ever, there has been a huge shift to modern, simplistic web designs. We attest that to what marketers like to call “consumer fatigue”. People are getting tired of cookie cutter websites, overwhelming information, and advertising its become all too much. So how are major corporations solving this issue, its figuratively and literally simple, make everything more simplistic. This becomes a breath of fresh air as it becomes one less thing for a person to stress about. You can see this major shift in all major brands currently modernizing their business logos, and websites to more flat simplistic designs.

With regular maintenance a web design company can ensure that every part of a website or ad platform is constantly updated and optimized for better results & relevancy.

5. Saving Money

This is something more often then not overlooked by people & businesses. Now it is true there are many web development companies that do not deliver a product or service that is so successful that it saves you money, so yes it is important that you hire a company that knows what they are doing. So how do we save you money? Well, this too can take a lot of different directions like the website you design doesn’t perform well or breaks and you’ve now spent money on plugins or bad hosting or a theme; or your website is pretty good but, you never receive any free organic traffic because it was not SEO correctly or maybe its not tracking conversions or analytics so you can’t make any meaningful optimizations; The website looks good, but isn’t performing nearly as well as it could. In anyone of these cases your losing money, and lots of it, even if you did hire an in house marketer, their salary is going to be quite expensive and he more then likely is not well versed in web design or digital marketing; or maybe he is but your website now has to be completely reconstructed. What is the common trend? Well, its that it’s going to cost you a whole lot more then having it properly designed by a professional, and even more importantly maintained & optimized by one.

Check out some of the data we have collected from regular maintenance of our clients websites and advertising platforms. Small optimizations can save you thousands & thousands of dollars. Let the experts handle your digital presence and give yourself time to focus on your business. We will ensure that your investment in us will lead to larger returns.

Don’t rest on the importance of a well designed website & digital presence. With how cost effective web agencies make these solutions, we advice you to do your research and find a website design company that knows their business, and knows how to get you the results you deserve and need. With how much money a professional can save you through a well planned marketed strategy, there is no reason to risk the damage a poorly constructed website can cause to your businesses future.

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